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Introducing Norfolk Angels CIC

Norfolk Angels CIC is our new 'not for profit' social enterprise, aiming to support people wherever excess clutter is having a negative impact on their lives. We offer a sensitive, hands-on approach to decluttering, always putting our clients at the centre of the process so they feel they are in control. From targeted areas to the whole property, our aim is to make living conditions safer and habitable again.

Meet the Team

Co Founder and On-Site Coordinator

"We always try to make the process as painless as possible. It is lovely to see someone who is so anxious and nervous at the start, end the session with a smile on their face when they see what we have achieved."

Co Founder and General Manager

"My favourite part of the job is chatting to our clients and finding out more about them and their interests to put them at their ease. I also enjoy a beer with Clint afterwards!"

Office Manager / Declutter Team Member

"The most rewarding thing about being part of the team is seeing the very real difference that we make to people's lives."

Declutter Team Member

"I have had the opportunity to work with these wonderful people. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help others who need a bit of extra help to get their homes organised."

Our Social Purpose

Norfolk Angels has been formed with the specific purpose of helping social housing tenants, and anyone who's living conditions have worsened during the pandemic. We want to help wherever excess clutter and disorganisation is having a negative impact on their mental and physical wellbeing or preventing them from living the life that they want to lead.

We have a multi-agency approach, working alongside social workers, charities, local authorities, healthcare professionals and family members to ensure the best outcome possible for our service users. We have experience of working with people who have complex mental and physical conditions, including hoarding tendencies, and our ethos is to look beyond the clutter to the person behind. An intervention from us can improve living conditions, make homes safer, help improve people's wellbeing and even prevent an eviction from taking place.

How Norfolk Angels Can Help

Improve mobility and access
Clear space for essential maintenance work
Declutter for those downsizing
Empty a property for the next tenant
Make a property habitable again
Clear out lofts, sheds and outdoor spaces

For more information, or to make a referral, including for those self-funding, please call 07932 454 361 or email

Our team are fully insured and hold DBS checks
Norfolk Angels CIC is registered at Companies House, company number 14120642

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