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Decluttering may seem to some like a luxury service but for our clients it can be life changing. We are giving them back more than just a tidy house but a home they can enjoy living in again.

Here are some ways in which the House Angels and their specialist team may be able to help

General Decluttering Service
We can offer hands on, practical support to help sort and clear your unwanted clutter so your home works better for you. We can remove items for donation to charity as part of this service so you can feel happy to know that your items can go on to help someone else in need.

Preparing a home for a hospital discharge
We can help by; decluttering problem areas and preparing them for a cleaning team to go in, waiting in for mobility equipment to be delievered or fitted or moving around exisiting furniture to improve mobility and access.

Packing up items prior to a move or maintenance works
We can help by coming in and encouraging you to work through your possessions in a calm and methodical way. Deciding what to keep, what can be recycled, gifted to charity or disposed of. We can provide boxes and packing materials as part of this service too and if you are downsizing we can make arrangements for local charities to collect large items of furniture that you may not have room for in your new home.

Organising items following a bereavement
It can feel like an extremely stressful time in your life following a bereavement and clearing out the property and personal belongings of a loved one is probably the last thing you feel like doing. We can help, through your direction, by organising the items into sentimental things to keep safe, such as photos and paperwork, belongings that could be gifted to charity such as clothes, furniture and ornaments and other items which are not needed or useful such as the contents of the kitchen or bathroom.

What donít we do?
We are not permitted to sell any of your items on your behalf or remove paperwork for shredding. We are however happy to oversee arrangements for these to be done for you through third parties. We can remove small items that are to be donated to charity (but only up to the amount that will fit into the back of our vehicle!) and are happy to arrange charity collections for large or heavy items. We are not a waste removal company but we do work with other local businesses that are so we can co-ordinate this for you as part of our service.

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