Here are the ways in which the House Angels team may be able to help you, but if you feel you could benefit from our services in another way not listed, then please just ask!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the general clutter in your home?
If your family home feels overwhelmed by clutter from children’s toys, clothes, belongings, etc. it can be very stressful. It may just be one particular area or room or the whole house. It can make you feel embarrassed by the mess and ashamed of your home so you avoid having people round. We can help by bringing our organized approach to the situation introducing calm to the chaos, helping you to find peace in your home and make it the sanctuary it should be so you look forward to coming home and not dread it.

Are you moving home and don’t know where to start?
Maybe you are downsizing from a large family home you no longer need in to a bungalow, flat or smaller home. You no doubt are surrounded by years worth of belongings filling up your house. It can feel like a huge task to take on especially if you have lost your partner or are facing it alone through divorce or a relationship break up. You may yearn to move closer to family or friends or into a more manageable property but just cannot face the task ahead or know where to start. We can help by coming in and encouraging you to work through your possessions in a calm and methodical way. Deciding what to keep, what can be recycled, gifted to charity or possibly sold. Assisting with all aspects of preparing for your move both practically and emotionally. It can feel like a new lease of life to let go of things that are bogging you down, enabling you to move forward and embrace new things.

We can offer you a complete bespoke service that will cover all aspects of your move from sourcing your removal company, packing or unpacking your possessions to making sure your fridge is stocked ready for your first cup of tea in your new home! If you, or someone you know is downsizing into a care home or sheltered accomodation why not check out our new service HOUSE ANGELS SENIORS? Click on the tab for more details.

Are you, or someone you know, facing a delayed discharge from hospital because your home is not ready for your return?
Our Hospital to Home Service could be just what you need. We understand first hand how frustrating and upsettting this can be. We can help you by decluttering problem areas, undertaking light cleaning, filling your fridge and generally getting your home ready and comfortable for your return. We can wait in while mobility equipment is delivered or fitted and move furniture around. We will visit you in hospital to find out exactly what needs to be done and draw up a plan of action. Please call us for more details.

Have you suffered a bereavement in the family and need help and support clearing a loved one’s property?
It can feel like an extremely stressful time in your life following a bereavement and clearing out the property and personal belongings of a loved one is probably the last thing you feel like doing. This can be particularly difficult if the property was rented or social housing as this will usually have to be done within a short timescale as the next tenant will be waiting to come in. This is very difficult to do when you are already grieving, especially if you live a long distance from the property and have other commitments like children or work. We can help, through your direction, by organising the items into sentimental things to keep safe, such as photos and paperwork, belongings that could be gifted to charity such as clothes, furniture and ornaments and other items which are not needed or useful such as the contents of the kitchen or bathroom.

How could we help further?
If the property was owned and needs to be sold as part of the estate we can help by organising the personal items, but also by staging the property for resale. It can be very difficult to separate sentiment when making decisions yourself as it seems almost disrespectful to change the way your loved one had the house but a few little changes like freshening up the paint work and re-staging the furniture can make a house much more appealing to buyers therefore could help it to sell faster, avoiding having it sitting on the market for a long time which just prolongs the process and makes it harder to move on and grieve. Any money spent on little changes could be recuperated as the house should sell for a better price. House Angels can project manage this process for you, with their practical and pragmatic approach, giving you peace of mind at this stressful time.

Memory Box
Why not let us help you create a memory box filled with special and sentimental items that help you to remember your loved one and their home.

Are you struggling with paperwork and bills?
If you look around much of the clutter around our homes will be paper! House Angels can help here by introducing practical and easy to use filing systems and methods to keep this under control. Maybe you are struggling to keep on top of your direct debits or organising your finances? This can be especially difficult if you have lost your partner through divorce or bereavement and they always took charge of this for you. Worrying over finances can significantly affect your mental health and wellbeing. Just getting on top of ‘money matters’ and introducing an organised system can help enormously. With over 20 years experience of working in banking, Caroline has helped many people who are struggling with money issues and has seen first hand how sorting your finances can really make a difference to people’s lives.

What don’t we do?
We are not permitted to sell any of your items on your behalf or remove paperwork for shredding. We are however happy to oversee arrangements for these to be done for you through third parties. We can remove for you small items that are to be donated to charity (but only up to the amount that will fit into the boot of our car!) and are happy to arrange charity collections for large or heavy items.

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