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Kim - Director and Office Manager

I have always been a very organised and practical person, qualities which have come in handy during my 20 years + career within the childcare industry. During this time I have tidied many a childís bedroom, sorted through my fair share of redundant toys and outgrown clothes and am very used to turning chaos around me into calm or at the very least organised chaos! My working life taught me that life is a lot easier when you are organised. Thanks to my many years working as a Nanny I am very used to working inside other peopleís homes. I understand the importance of discretion and confidentially and am very aware of the privileged position that this affords. It takes a great leap of trust to have someone you donít know very well working inside your home and this is something that I have always treated with the upmost respect.

Aside from my work life I have also personally experienced times which have challenged me. In particular when my Grandmother and Father passed away. Both left properties and life times of possessions which needed to be cleared and organised and I experienced, along with my sister, first hand how difficult it is to sort through the personal belongings of someone that you love. I found it very hard to decide what to keep, felt disloyal for looking through their things and guilty for even contemplating throwing anything away! I found the whole process was exhausting both emotionally and physically and obviously came at a time when I was already dealing with my grief. It was also the experiences that we faced when they were in hospital and facing delayed discharges that inspired our Hospital to Home Service. We understand that the one thing people want more than anything when they are in hospital is to get home and we truly believe that people recover quicker when they are surrounded by their own things. Having the opportunity to help other people when they are facing this situatiuon is very important to us.

Caroline - Director and Onsite Co-ordinator

I have a great deal of empathy for anyone who is struggling with the overwhelming tasks associated with detaching themselves from their loved oneís possessions and home and understand how it feels to want to keep everything forever yet not having the space to fit it all in.

Living in a busy house with itís fair share of pets, a husband who collects for a hobby and two young boys I can also relate to the stress of trying to keep clutter under control whilst drowning in the ever expanding mountain of stuff that seems to come out of nowhere when your back is turned! Moving house was like a new start as it forced tough decisions to be made about what to keep and what to let go of, but after a year of sorting I came out the other side. It now feels amazing to have a house Iím happy to come home to and no longer dread those unannounced visits!

I have also gained many useful skills during the 24 years I spent working for a Building Society, holding many positions of trust, not only when handling cash but also the importance of confidentiality when dealing with peopleís finances. Working face to face with the public I am used to dealing with people from all walks of life and am very patient and calm having had so much practice diffusing complaints from angry customers! I also saw many customers who had suffered a bereavement and was always very sensitive to how they were feeling and never made them feel embarrassed if they got upset. I often spent time assisting older customers who had lost their partner and were left confused as to how to organise their bills as it had always been done for them.

I hope to use the challenges I have faced to help others when they need some extra support by using my own experiences in a positive way.

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